[Live-devel] Basic question

Bill Russell bill at odic.com
Mon Nov 10 09:19:23 PST 2003

>For "testMPEG4VideoStreamer", this is very simple: In the file 
>"testMPEG4VideoStreamer.cpp", change the "inputFileName" variable to 
>"stdin".  Or, even better, change "inputFileName" to the name of the input 
>device (if your MPEG-4 encoder's stream is accessible as a file).

It isn't accessible as a file. I've subclassed FramedSource to deal with 
reading the MPEG data since its DMA'd right into memory. This brings up 
another question:

 From my encoder, I can choose to bring in full MPEG frames or, blocks of 
say, 1400 bytes. Which would be more efficient. In the latter case I have 
to use MPEG4VideoStreamFramer, so is it true that that would be less efficient?

BTW: Why is ByteStreamFileSource derived from the Framed*Source classes? 
Would it make more sense to have a ByteStream*Source from an "unframed 
source" class?

>>Will I be able to stream this live video to Quicktime?
>Quite possibly, but I can't say for sure.  The reason why I can't say for 
>sure is that QuickTime supports only a subset of the MPEG-4 video 
>specification, and some MPEG-4 encoders prodoce data that QuickTime can't 
>handle.  (I recently had this problem with the IME6400 MPEG-4 encoder ASIC 
>(manufactured by Intime Corporation).)

Ok. All I wanted to confirm is that Live is compatible with Quicktime in 
general. If the MPEG4 has problems, i'll have to talk to the people who 
wrote the encoder algorithm.

- Bill

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