[Live-devel] who can help me to get file format of .mpg and avi?

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Tue Nov 11 03:01:22 PST 2003

A response from Bryn Reeves:

This list is more to do with streaming afaik, specifically using

This may be useful to others on the list though..

For MPEG, the best source I found is the ITU-T versions of the ISO
standards - you can download them for free from:


The relevant docs for MPEG2 are H222.0 and H262, these cover the
encoding and the stream formats. To get them free, follow the links to
the shop as if you are going to purchase them; there's normally a
'special offer' that you can download 2 or 3 for nothing.

AVI is a microsoft format, I've a feeling there's specs available in an
MSDN or technet article somewhere, try searching at microsoft.com.



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