[Live-devel] problem with realnetwork helix server

David Xu bsddiy at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 21:50:10 PDT 2004

--- Ross Finlayson <finlayson at live.com> wrote:
> At 07:37 AM 4/13/04, you wrote:
> >I am using newest live.com RTSP package to play MPEG/1/2/4 streams, it is 
> >really an excellent
> >package.
> >Problem is that my player can only connect to helix server for about 4 
> >minutes, after 4 minutes, I
> >can
> >no longer receive any data from helix server (version 9). I observed that 
> >VideoLan 0.71 has same
> >problem,it uses live.com RTSP package too, if I use TCP mode, the problem 
> >does not happen, I am
> >wondering if it is a bug in live.com ?
> Or it could be a bug in Helix.  (Is version 9 the latest version?)
> Problems like this are usually caused by RTCP packets from the receiver (in 
> this case, VLC) back to the sender (in this case, the Helix server) not 
> being recognized for some reason - so the session times out.
Can you tell me where I should look into live source code about session
timeout ? I'd like to insert some debug code to see if it happens.

> Do you have a publically-accessible "rtsp://" URL of a stream from a Helix 
> server that illustrates this problem?
> 	Ross Finlayson
> 	<http://www.live.com/>

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