[Live-devel] Windows Media Player compatibility

Dixon Siu dixonsiu at mediaglue.co.jp
Thu Apr 15 20:03:08 PDT 2004

Hi Ross,

I used Windows Media Player Series 9 (WMP) series at the receiver ends. And
the test program is testMPEG1or2AudioVideoStreamer. However, WMP didn't work
at the beginning. I have to install a MMRTPClient so that somehow WMP will
start to speak correct RTP/RTCP.

The RTT problem I got, I have closely verified it. Actually the big number I
got is 0xfffffd72. I think somehow the RTT becomes a negative number. Not
sure if it is the WMP problem or not. But I did have the same problem with
Quick Time (Version 6.5). I will try using VLC and persuade my boss to
replace WMP with VLC. :P

Thanks for the confirmation about the calculation of RTT. It saves me a lot
of work. Now, I just need to check the receiver side whether the player is
sending sementically correct RR.

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