[Live-devel] Problem when use Makefile.mak to createproject in Visual studio

mike yan michael_pioneer at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 15 16:10:37 PDT 2004

Hello Ross,

I did create each ".mak" file in each subdirectory. My problem is when I 
open each separate project by using each ".mak" file, the project only show 
the makefile itself, nothing inside the project.

BTW, the only difference is I created those ".mak" files manually on windows 
xp, I didn't use "genWindowsMakefiles".

Thank you for your help!

At 07:34 PM 4/14/04, you wrote:

>Hello all,

>I have difficult time to setup the project in visual studio 6.0 by

>using Makefile.mak.

>I followed all the steps based online instruction to create

>makefile.mak file in each subdirectories. And after I used makefile.mak

>to create new projects, the project only includes makefile.mak, nothing

inside the project.

>Did I miss anything? By the way, I create makefile.mak in windows

>platiform with those three files (makefile.head, win32config,


Note that you should end up with a ".mak" file in *each* of the "groupsock", 
"UsageEnvironment", "BasicUsageEnvironment", "liveMedia" and "testProgs"

directories.  Each of these will become a separate 'project', which you 
should then build in turn.

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