[Live-devel] ucEOF check

Matthew Romaine Matthew.Romaine at jp.sony.com
Fri Apr 16 17:53:38 PDT 2004

Hi Ross,

I'm playing around with your wav-file loader and adapting it for some 
multichannel files.  the WAV_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE flag (as opposed to 
WAVE_FORMAT_PCM) is represented by 0xfffe.  EOF (at least as defined in 
stdio.h on my mac) is -1.  Since you convert EOF to an unsigned char, 
and compare byte by byte, either of the get*Bytes or skipBytes seems to 
fail when it comes across any 0xff in the header.  I've hacked it out, 
but thought I'd speak up in the event anyone plans to work with 
WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE files.  Maybe there's a better way to check?


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