[Live-devel] RE: RE: RE: Windows Media Player compatibility

Dixon Siu dixonsiu at mediaglue.co.jp
Mon Apr 19 10:48:37 PDT 2004

Hi Claudio,

>with which streaming server have you used this?
>I've tried opening an RTSP URL with wmp after installing MMRTPClient, it
does a HTTP Request instead of following RTSP standard.

I used testMPEG1or2AudioVideoStreamer. I've opened the stream with the .sdp
file and RTSP unicast link. Both has no problem. But I didn't notice if wmp
was using HTTP.

And I've tried VLC. It is the best receiver and streamer. But wmp cannot
open the video streamed by VLC server. Moreover, I got the negative RTT
figures even using VLC. So probably the RTT calculation of the live.com RTP
library has a mistake somewhere.

If you also see the negative number RTT behaviour, please tell me. Thanks.

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