[Live-devel] Encrypted program stream by RTP

Mike Yan mikey at tlcwatch.com
Wed Apr 28 18:07:43 PDT 2004

Hi Ross,
I was interested by this message. Base on it, I have some questions (maybe
it's too dummy question, anyway I am new guy of this industry).
If I use "SimpleRTPSink" to *.mpg file instead of using
"MPEG1or2VideoRTPSink", how to get the "preferredFrameSize" and
"playTimePerFrame" parameters base on existing *.mpg file. 

Any advice would be great help for me.

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>I am wondering if it is possible not to de-mux the program stream and send
>the encrypted program stream directly through RTP. At the receiver end, I
>might use the RTP filter to catch the data and then decrypt the program
>stream. In other words, can I just use RTP as a transmission medium (like
>TCP)? And some other middleware will be used to decrypt the content
>contained inside the RTP payload.

Yes, you could do this using the following chain of objects:

At the sender:
         ByteStreamFileSource[*] -> EncryptionFilter -> SimpleRTPSink

and at the receivier:
         SimpleRTPSource -> DecryptionFilter -> some sink

where "EncryptionFilter" and "DecryptionFilter" would be new filter classes 
that you would write.

[*] Note that you must use the "preferredFrameSize" and "playTimePerFrame" 
parameters when you create your "ByteStreamFileSource", so that the 
streaming happens at the proper rate.

	Ross Finlayson

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