[Live-devel] embedded use of live classes?

Leon Woestenberg like2wise at mailcan.com
Sun Feb 8 18:36:23 PST 2004

Hello all,

we are investigating the live.com media classes for usage in an embedded
environment; XScale running Linux. Especially, these restrictions apply:

- Floating point operations are very expensive, and having many of them
in the signal path (i.e. recurring often and repeatedly) is bad for

- Limited memory and performance available.
- No user that can solve errors or read error messages.

Also, the completeness of the toolchain (C++, softfloat support),
libraries (idem) etc. will differentiate from a standard desktop

Depending on our findings, we will either develop our own minimal
implementation, or use live.com classes and change them to our needs. In
either case, we would like to work in an open way; (L)GPL.

A few questions arise:

Is live.com available as an CVS project, or will it be in the future?

Are there any people here that have experience with embedding live.com
classes and have performance numbers for certain platforms?


Leon Woestenberg.

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