[Live-devel] AmiNET110

Cavalera Claudio Claudio.Cavalera at icn.siemens.it
Thu Feb 12 09:37:14 PST 2004

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>I suspect that he may have misunderstood your question.  You were (I 
>presume) asking if multicast RTP sessions could be played, 
>using RTSP for 
>session control.  However, he might have thought that you were 
>asking if 
>RTSP itself could use multicast - which, of course, it can't, 
>because RTSP 
>runs over TCP.

I thought that in theory RTSP could be used over udp. Am i wrong?

>>Here is my question, It supports Multicast (IGMP),
>>what does it means? That it can receive RTP packets in muticast?
>If the box uses RTSP for session control, and also supports 
>multicast, then 
>I would assume that it can play multicast RTP sessions.  But of course 
>you'll need to contact the company to be sure.  (Who knows - 
>maybe the box 
>uses the LIVE.COM code also :-)

But when you control with RTSP a multicast session, you change the parameters for every members on the group, right?
For example if you issue pause then you pause for each user, no?


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