[Live-devel] Live Streaming problem

Juan Carlos Montes jcmontes_es at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 09:53:17 PST 2004

> >
> >MPEGProgramStreamParser::parse() EXCEPTION
> That's *not* an error.  The stream parsing code uses
> C++ language 
> exceptions to handle the case where it runs out of
> data in its input buffer 
> (and thus has to read more data).  I.e., these are
> language exceptions, but 
> not 'errors'.  (I'll change the debugging message to
> make it clear that 
> this is not an error.)

OK, then i assume that liveMedia needs read more data
from the encoder card in the doGetNextFrame method. I
get read more data and then why it doesn´t stream?

It seems that it discards the buffered data adquired
in a special moment. I think that the problems are
similar like this message 'Question about DeviceSource

In an older liveMedia version (before MPEG1or2 classes
were mixed) the live streaming works (with other
driver version but the same encoder card). I have
changed the code to supports the new driver
implementation (that works without problems with
better perfomance) and the liveMedia version. Now i´m
going to test it with an older liveMedia version to
see what happens.


Juan Carlos

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