[Live-devel] Live.Com and DirectShow implementation

reza shah rshah0385 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 17:02:02 PST 2004

I have created directshow filter that wrapped
In this implementation i created QueueSource class
derived from 
FramedSource, it has std::queue type member variable
to store data from 
previous filter( audio encoder or video encoder), and
i use windows 
mutex as locking mechanism.
I also created AudioQueueSource and VideoQueueSource
derived from 
QueueSource and implemented their own doGetNextFrame.
I also created AudioQueueServerMediaSubsession class
derived from 
OnDemandServerMediaSubsession, it has AudioQueueSource
to read from.

The program worked like this(audio only):
1. data from previous directshow filter are stored to
std::queue inside 
AudioQueueSource through insert function from 
2. doGetNextFrame will read this std::queue and the
send the data to the 

Is this implementation correct? My program is running
now, but i need 
some advice from others.


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