[Live-devel] Which version of XP?

Dixon Siu dixonsiu at mediaglue.co.jp
Thu Nov 4 09:18:40 PST 2004


I had the same problem but not just Live.com library. With SP2, if your
firewall is turned on and not configured correctly, your UDP packets will be
blocked. To confirm that the UDP packets are sending from the server, you
can do a tcpdump command on the server and router. In my case, I have to
turn off the firewall in order to have multicast working.


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> Hi Ross,
> i'm still having problem with rtcp packets; i'm sure i build source code
> correctly (followed your instructions).
> I would know which version of Windows XP you used for your test,
> because i'm
> using the latest one (SP2 patched) and it doesn't work: could it be the
> reason?
> With the same pc, under linux and connecting to the same server, test
> programs work fine and i can receive also rtcp packets, but
> unfortunately i
> must use win XP for my project.
> Thank you
> Alessandro Gaiarin
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