[Live-devel] creating sdp file and more about .3g2 file streaming

Singaravel Ramalingam srama at kyocera-wireless.com
Fri Nov 5 13:26:11 PST 2004

Hi Ross,


1.	.3g2 is format of MPEG-4 for 3gpp2 file format for mobile
multi-media apps (audio and video), QTPlayer plays this file and with
pluggin RealOne player plays.
2.	I tried with testMPEG4VideoStreamer.exe, by giving this file. But it
streams faster, when I tried with OpenRTSP. But Quicktime does not play this
file, I gave the URL (rtsp:\\...). I need SDP file also for this? How do I
write SDP file for this?
3.	I am trying to stream .3g2 file.  I don't know how to prepare .sdp
file. I tried .mp3 file with testmp3streamer, RealOne works fine, Quicktime
buffers and reads it, but Quicktime player does not play (no audio).
Ofcourse OpenRTSP gets the file right.  
4.	I need the URL (rtsp://...) and SDP file to play is that right? On
quicktime and realone player also



5.	Tell me what shall I do to make more clarity to you on this problem?








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