[Live-devel] Example of a streamable mp4 file

Eric Peters epeters at graphics.cs.uni-sb.de
Thu Nov 11 14:31:37 PST 2004

Ross Finlayson wrote:
> One easy way to generate a MPEG-4 video elementary stream file that can 
> be streamed by "testMPEG4VideoStreamer" (or "testOnDemandRTSPServer") is 
> to find a MPEG-4 RTSP stream, and run the "openRTSP" test program to 
> record it.  "openRTSP" will write out a file named "video-<something>".  
> You can then rename this file to "test.m4v".

Is there any application/converter for linux to create such m4v-files? I 
would like to stream my own videos and not foreign videos. I tried 
mp4creator from the mpeg4ip-tools but I couldn't create a m4v-file which 
can be streamed. There must be the possibility because the files I can 
receive via openRTSP from the web have also been created anyway. Or not? ;-)

> However, I have also put online an example of such a file that you can 
> use for testing
>         http://www.live.com/test.m4v
> (This file is ~5.8 MBytes in size.  I will remove it in a few days.)

Thanks for the testfile.


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