[Live-devel] Kasenna trickplay patch

Dermot McGahon dermot at dspsrv.com
Tue Nov 16 13:04:25 PST 2004


> 3: MPEG 2 Live UDP TS unicast streams. image corruption occurs. perhaps  
> related to a TS or UDP reframing bug in Kasenna/liveMedia??? It's  
> difficult to find the cause of this image corruption. It's quite heavy.  
> i get almost continious '[00000321] ts demuxer debug: skipping 1692  
> bytes of garbage' messages. Something is strange here.

This is working well for me. We can look at this together if you like.

> Video On Demand
> 6: MPEG 4 used to work. no longer does. (if kasenna mode but content  
> MPEG4, then PLAY shouldn't be aggregate)

This also works fine for me at the moment. I think you found the problem
and it was server related?

> 8: MPEG 1 returns extra data after the SETUP response, which it doesn't  
> denounce

Yes. We have discussed being brave and reading after the supposed end of
SDP to clear out this junk. We would only do this is the fServerIsKasenna
flag was set to true. This needs to be coded and tested.

> 10: Pause / Resume working.

Not sure how this could be working without keeping track of the NPT and
supplying it in the resume i.e PLAY range=10-300

I have this implemented by using Ross's MPEG2TransportStreamFramer around
the BasicUDPSource. Before doing this and some other minor changes, a  
would always restart the stream from the beginning.

> 11: Seeking not yet working, though Dermot has a patch for this?

I'm not working on seeking, but with this patch we now keep track of where
in the stream we are (the NPT), which should help here.

> 12: Trick play, not yet working, though Dermot has a patch for this.

Patch attached. Would appreciate testing and comments.

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