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Guillaume Larignon guillaume.larignon at tiveo.fr
Thu Nov 18 10:58:49 PST 2004

Thanks for your answers.
I don't understand because I redefined these two functions and the compiler seems to ignore them.
However, I think these two functions are my problem...
I hadn't got any problem for other classes I made, that's weird.
All suggestions are welcomed !


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  That's a pretty standard C++ compilation error.

  The base class you're deriving from is declaring some functions but isn't defining any implementations for them.  In order for you to derive from that class, you need to provide your own implementations of those functions.

  The lines right below "due to following members" should tell you what functions you need to implement.

  Looking at OnDemandSeverMediaSubsession.hh it looks like the two functions you need are:

              createNewStreamSource()  and createNewRTPSink

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  I tried to make a class which inherit livemedia OnDemandServerMediaSubsession class.

  I define a static function createNew which call the constructor, like in a lot of LiveMedia classes.

  When I try to compile, the following errors occur :

  error C2259: 'MJPEGOnDemandServerMediaSubsession' : cannot instantiate abstract class due to following members:

  I made a lot of test, but this error remains.

  Has anybody ever had this kind of error ?




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