[Live-devel] using mplayer with live to stream Real Time MPEG4 ES Video Stream.

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Sun Nov 21 19:14:06 PST 2004

>AFAIK, in the live.com implementation rtp timestamps are independant of
>the timestamps in the mpeg stream, introduced by the encoder. And mplayer
>does not use these timeStamps except for A/V sync. Can you confirm my

Yes, that's correct.

>I am trying to make changes in the live.com code for the same

Because you want to do something that's application-specific (for MPlayer), 
I don't think you'll need to modify the LIVE.COM code at all.  Instead, 
just modify your copy of "libmpdemux/RTPSource.hh" (in the MPlayer source 
code).  Note that the "RTPSource::curPacketRTPSeqNum()" function will tell 
you the RTP sequence number of the last-received RTP packet (so you can 
detect whether there was packet loss).

>But one serious flaw in this implementation would be if mplayer does use
>the timestamp values as in the encoded mpeg4ES video stream - and also
>from the fact that encoded frame is replicated. So there will be large
>errors if a P frame is dropped and replicated with the previous _encoded_
>P frame. In that case can you suggest how can I go about changing the
>mplayer implementation so that it would output the previous decoded frame
>(and not just display it for longer duration). Can some one let me know if
>there is some patch available to do so?

You'll need to ask the MPlayer people about this.

	Ross Finlayson

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