[Live-devel] ip in rtps url

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Tue Mar 29 08:05:34 PST 2005

>When we run test*Server the rstp URL we are given tells us to connect to 
>ip If we check ifconfig everything looks allright, connecting 
>over ssh to the ip from ifconfig works fine too.
>What can be the problem that makes the test servers think the ip of our 
>robot is and how can we fix this?

The code uses the function "ourSourceAddressForMulticast()" (in 
"groupsock/Groupsock.cpp") to find its IP address.  It does this by sending 
a multicast packet, then receiving it, and looking at the IP source 
address.  Somehow this is failing.

It appears that you do not have multicast configured correctly in your 
kernel, as illustrated by:

>Unable to determine our source address: setsockopt(IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP) 
>error: No such device

Make sure that you have a route for "224.0.0/4" (to "eth0").

	Ross Finlayson

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