[Live-devel] RTPInterface blocking readsocket()

Wouter Dhondt wouter.dhondt at vsk.be
Thu Dec 11 07:59:44 PST 2008


I'm using livemedia to stream over TCP. In the RTPInterface file there 
is a function tcpReadHandler() which handles all the data received from 
the client (reports, commands, ...). This function tries to read a '$' 
through a non-blocking call to readSocket(). Afterwards several more 
bytes are read, but this time no timeout is supplied making these calls 

Is there any reason that these are blocking? Why not use a timeout? I 
seem to notice a "hang" (could be a long block) when these functions are 
called, meaning a complete stop of livemedia during that time.

There are other calls to readSocket() without timeout (so blocking). Can 
these have the same effect?

Any advise?

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