[Live-devel] Detecting/Notifying on new multicast media

Brian Marete bgmarete at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 08:03:01 PDT 2008


I am writing a streaming application with live555, both on the server
and client ends. I will be using live555 to mulitcast MPEG2 transport
streams over RTP to the clients. Periodically, the server will stop
multicasting the current file and switch to a new one, sending it to
the same multicast address and port to which the previous TS was being

Now, obviously, the second TS may defer in parameters from the 1st TS.
For example, the picture size could be different, or it could contain
a different video codec. I am thinking that the decoder on the client
end will need, somehow, to know of this change. Are there any
facilities in live555, the TS protocol or the RTP protocol that would
help with this. Or am I on my own and will have to parse the TS coming
out of the MediaSink in the client application.

Perhaps someone could suggest a better way of doing this?


B. Gitonga Marete
Tel: +254-722-151-590

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