[Live-devel] RTCP Bye in PassiveServerMediaSession

Brian Marete bgmarete at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 16:17:16 PDT 2008


I am playing with the vobStreamer application, using MPlayer -rc2 to
view the stream.

The behavior I expect is that at the end of the stream, when
stopPlaying() is called on both sinks, live555 should send and RTCP
Bye packet, causing MPlayer to exit. But l have confirmed with
wireshark that live555 never sends such a packet, causing MPlayer to
start playing the vob stream at the beginning again when it is
restarted in the afterPlaying() function.

What, in the API, should I do to force an RTCP bye packet to be sent
after the sinks are closed? Further, in a case such as this where a
session consists of 2 RTP streams, what are the semantics of an RTCP
Bye packet associated with just one of the streams? Presumably, they
(if ever) are sent separately. Should the player exit on the first
RTCP Bye packet seen for just one (of possibly many) RTP sessions that
it is playing as a result of an rtsp:// request?

Or is this a problem with no clean solution in the current RTSP
standard? (I have seen RFC drafts envisaging an END_OF_STREAM server
to client message in future).


B. Gitonga Marete
Tel: +254-722-151-590

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