[Live-devel] Problems with openRTSP

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live555.com
Wed Oct 29 06:09:59 PDT 2008

>  >>1. Every output that I create are useless with a normal player (Vlc
>>>for example) I got to re-encode it with ffmpeg.
>>What media type(s) are you recording?  What command-line options are
>>you giving "openRTSP"?
>It doesn't work with any format. I tried it "raw" (no options), avi,
>mov. With duration no problems,
>but as I said I'd like to modify the code in order not to have time
>costraint in elaboration. Is that any way (or any function)
>to call to stop receiving streams and close the file besides using time?

Yes. You can cleanly kill the application (which will cause it to 
complete writing the output file properly) by killing it with the 
"-HUP" or the "-USR1" signal.  This is stated clearly in the 
application's output.

Note that (if you're outputting a ".mov", ".mp4" or ".avi" file) you 
can't just terminate the application using <control>-C; you need to 
terminate the application cleanly using the "-HUP" or the "-USR1" 
signal - or else use the "-d <duration>" option.

If, however, you are running Windows - which doesn't let you signal 
an application like this - then you are out of luck, unless you use 
"-d <duration>".  Sorry.

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