[Live-devel] Reclaiming live clientsessions

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live555.com
Tue Jan 20 18:04:15 PST 2009

>The process is never closed, even if an Administrator needs to 
>change the RTSPServer port (for firewall testing/maintenance)

This seems like bad system design.  You already need to create new 
processes when you restart the system after a power failure (for 
example), so you might as well do the same when you reconfigure the 
system for maintenance.  It's certainly a lot easier than trying to 
maintain the same process indefinitely.

>>(Because you did this (and because you're using an unprofessional 
>>email address),
>I'm a free lance (project cooperator), I don't have any fixed 
>company e-mail address, nor I own a one-man company.

I (and many other people) would *never* consider purchasing 
Internet-related hardware, software, or services from anyone who uses 
an email address like "@libero.it", "@gmail.com", or "@hotmail.com". 
It suggests (rightly or wrongly) that the person both (i) has no 
afffliation with a company or school that has its own domain name, 
and (ii) is too unsophisticated to know how to create and use their 
own Internet identity, with their own domain name.  (Note that even 
if you use a 3rd-party email service, you can often still use an 
email address with your own domain name.)

And please folks, don't give me this crap about working for a 
'stealth startup'.  If you use a "@gmail.com" (etc.) email address, 
I'm assuming that the only 'stealthy' things going on will be in your 
parent's basement when they're out of the house.

If/when I need to prioritize, I will continue to discriminate against 
people who use email addresses like this.

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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