[Live-devel] H264VideoStreamFramer

tm18174 at salle.url.edu tm18174 at salle.url.edu
Wed Jul 29 01:08:11 PDT 2009


I have to create a H264VideoStreamFramer subclass for my H264 RTSP Server.
This subclass will be the one that provides frames (or in this case, Nal
Units) to the H264VideoRTPSink class.

As i understand it H264VideoStreamFramer is only a filter to make me
implement  the method:

virtual Boolean currentNALUnitEndsAccessUnit() = 0;

I also have to implement doGetNextFrame from the FramedSource class.

The thing is that i cannot see exactly what my doGetNextFrame function has
to do, cause GetNextFrame calls doGetNextFrame after initalizing some
parameters and checking some stuff.

I guess i have to give the NalUnits to the Sink class , but how?(i got my
own nalunitbuffer class, which reads from a ffmepg file and provides me

Thanks for your attention,

Daniel Collado

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