[Live-devel] How to close a serverMediaSession and its subsessions

Kam Wai-ip galaxy at novosun.com
Fri Jan 1 21:27:50 PST 2010

Dear all
This problem confused me for quite awhile, I cannot find a right way to
close a serverMediaSession dynamically. What I need is, I want to keep the
stream server running and close one of the many sessions.
What I am doing now is simply do the following code
However, this code works only when the session does not have any refernced
client, but I need it to be closed whenever I ask it to close, without
waiting for all its clients to stop.
Moreover, I check your mailist, some said I also need to do
But since I create my own serverMediaSubsession inherited from
OnDemandServerMediaSubsession, and I did not find the reference of the
framedSource, so do u mean I need to reference the framedSource(s) on my own
So the three questions are
  What is the correct way to close the serverMediaSession?
  How can I force a serverMediaSession and its subsessions to be closed
whenever I want it to close, without the clients sending stop signal?
  How can I get the framedSource(s) of the subsession, (I did not use

  Thanks for your time!!
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