[Live-devel] Multiple Network Adapter

BONNEAU Guy gbonneau at miranda.com
Wed Jan 6 09:25:25 PST 2010

Yes, indeed !

However even thought that this is not officially supported the library
works well using careful multi-threaded instance of the task scheduler
object (see a post dated 2009-12-11). If you want each thread to have an
independent NIC I'm afraid this could cause a potential issue because
each thread might mess with those global variables. 

Putting those variables in the socket object and adding a constructor to
create the socket with a specific NIC would make the library much more
thread safe.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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>>If you have a system with multiple NIC interfaces is there a method or
>>some standard way to tell the live555 library to which NIC (IP
>>to bind the sockets created for the RTP streaming? Or I need to modify
>>the code of the library to change the default behavior which seems to
>>(in groupsockhelper.cpp):
>>// By default, use INADDR_ANY for the sending and receiving
>>netAddressBits SendingInterfaceAddr   = INADDR_ANY;
>>netAddressBits ReceivingInterfaceAddr = INADDR_ANY;
>Those are global variables; not constants.  So you don't need to
>change the library code at all to change their values; just do so at
>the start of your application - e.g.
>	ReceivingInterfaceAddre = our_inet_addr("");
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