[Live-devel] Private data in H264 RTP/RTSP stream

Tao Wu lanlantao at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 13:02:46 PST 2010


I want to add some use private data (like camera locations, etc)
periodically to H264 video stream. This rate of these private data is very
slow, like 10Kbps.
One way (A) is to create a separate "faked" video stream for the
transmission using libmedia's rtp/rtsp library. Since rtp/rtsp does not care
about the contend of the video streams, it is doable. But the con of this
approach is losing the synchronization of the private data and video stream,
which is important for us.
The other way (B) is to "attach" these private data to H264 streams at the
server side, and "remove" them at a customized client. The con of it is the
compatibility. Standard video player might crash. Is there any way (frame
definition) in H264 standard that allows standard video player to "drop"
these attached private data (frame)?
Thanks for any comment.

Best Regards,
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