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Ross Finlayson finlayson at live555.com
Fri Jan 8 12:53:25 PST 2010

>2. I have a second question about live555 stability in long run 
>tests. We plan to use live555 (the client side) to receive and 
>record streams from cameras with built-in RTSP servers. I am not 
>aware of any other RTSP/RTP implementation that we could use, I 
>think there are not many of them out there for the client side (GPL 
>or commercial) or did I overlook any robust RTSP/RTP 
>implementations? What we plan to do is to use a camera to monitor a 
>building construction for example saving one image per minute to be 
>able to make a fast running presentation video after one year 
>showing how the building has been constructed. So we need the RTSP 
>client to run very stable for long running periods (maybe a year). 
>Even a minimal memory leak would be a problem. Does anybody have 
>experience with running RTSP client for very long time to receive 
>media? Are there any known stability problems or memory leaks or 
>whatever on the client side?

I know of no memory leaks that would prevent you from doing this. 
Note, though, that if you plan on creating/running one RTSP session 
per minute (as opposed to having just a single RTSP session that 
stays connected for a whole year), then you will need to create a new 
"RTSPClient" object for each session, and then reclaim it (along with 
the corresponding "MediaSession", "RTPSink", "RTCPInstance", and 
"groupsock" objects) afterwards.  See the "openRTSP" code for hints 
on how to do this.

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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