[Live-devel] How to transfer a new RTP Payload type.

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Fri Jan 15 08:46:53 PST 2010


I was looking into a similar problem as the OP here.  It seems that having
the ability to add additional payload types dynamically would be a useful
feature of the live555 library.  This would be much more preferable than
having to change the library source code to add a payload.  I have a couple
of ideas how this could be done.  Would you be interested in reviewing a
proposed patch?


On 7/29/09 8:24 AM, "Ross Finlayson" <finlayson at live555.com> wrote:

>> >3. My query is how can I receive that new type of metadata payload.Below is
>> >the method you sent me :
>> >
>>>> >>>You would need to define and implement two new classes:
>> >
>>>> >>>1/ A new subclass of "MultiFramedRTPSink", for sending RTP packets in
>>>> >>>the new payload format.
>>>> >>>2/ A new subclass of "MultiFramedRTPSource", for receiving RTP
>>>> >  >>packets in the new payload format.
> Sorry, I forgot to mention a 3rd thing that you need to do:
> 3/ Modify "MediaSubsession::initiate()" so that it recognizes the SDP
> description for your payload type, and creates an appropriate
> "RTPSource" subclass.  For an example of how to do this, search for
> "H264" in "liveMedia/MediaSession.cpp".
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