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2010/1/28 Ross Finlayson <finlayson at live555.com>

> .Because I am using multiple thread here
> I hope you've read the FAQ entry on threads.
> Yes.I read the FAQ very carefully. I'm sorry that I misundstood your answer
> just now.
>  Or can I follow the existed testOnDemandRTSPServer and write my own
>> subclass of OnDemandServerMediaSubsessionto stream live source?
> Yes.  To stream via unicast (rather than multicast) you use a subclass of
> "OnDemandServerMediaSubsession" (rather than
> "PassiveServerMediaSubsession").
>  If I can, should createNewStreamSource returns the same soure instead of
>> FramedSource::createNew?
> No, "createNewStreamSource" must create a new source object each time.
>  Note, however, that if the "reuseFirstParameter" (to the
> "OnDemandServerMediaSubsession" constructor) is True, then the same input
> source will be used for all clients, and "createNewStreamSource" will (in
> most cases) be called only once.  If you are streaming from a live data
> source (rather than from a file), then you should usually set
> "reuseFirstParameter" to True.
>    Thanks.Then I don't worry about updating all the FramedSource after
getting a new frame.
   Yes,this is an effective method.However, could I do the following to
stream live video?It maybe
   familiar to multicast.

        The server is following the "test***streamer" example.A client
connects to the server.When
  the server receives the "PLAY" command,it adds the client's IP to a list
or array, every time a
  packet is sent, it will be sent to all the IP in the list.And when one
client tears down,the server
  removes its IP from the list.So that the next packet won't be sent to the

        Is it impossible or does this work take much time ?I have very
little knowlege about socket,so if what I said is silly,please don't laugh
at me:)

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