[Live-devel] RTSPclient cross-mixing

Sazali Hisham sazalihisham at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 01:06:36 PDT 2012


I am new too rtspclient development. Currently i am working on VLC custom
development on RTSP client. Since I'm struggling to get the job done so I
think this is one of the best medium for me to get some guides or ideas.
Actually I would like to do "cross-mixing" on RTSPclient. The use case is
something like this:

Given currently, client is connected to RTSPserver A, who streams a video
file. Then, an RTSP server B will establish connection to server A to also
get the content (like as client) and re-stream it. So basically server A
and server B is streaming the same content except the stream from server B
may has delay. After sometimes, there is a condition where the client has
to be redirect from server A to server B and the video should be
continuously playing (seamless/almost seamless redirection).

In order to achieve this, my strategy is if redirection required, open
another socket, but in the same RTSPclient object, and use the same network
buffer as connection to server A. So the data will be queued in the same
buffer, so the upper level of video processing will continuously read the
data. Once connection to server B established, disconnect from server A.
Theoretically, it seems possible. But I would like to know whether it is
possible practically (of course modification on live555 source). I really
appreciate any guide and idea regarding this as I already spent fruitless 2
month on this part.

Thanks in advance.
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