[Live-devel] Questions about media server - MKV, rtsp with multiple video media types

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Thu Oct 25 02:57:23 PDT 2018

Hi Ross

Many thanks for fast response and for your time. The reason for joining questions was to give a context.

 “testOnDemandRTSPServer”   - noted, will look through it now.

Media Server:

“ServerMediaSession::addSubsession()”  - thanks for the hint, yes, that's what I figured.  
> Note in particular that you can "stream several video files to one client on demand at the same time” (though I’m not sure why you’d want to do this) 

Imagine recordings from several cameras, that ought to be displayed on one screen, side by side, time-synchronized. Assume that time is pretty much synchronized during recording, so it's not a big issue. Case to solve: serve somehow synchronized video from server (or at least start serving in sync, rest depends on client player) or develop sync logic on client/client player side. Starting serving in sync much preferred (makes things easier later).

Do you happen to know if any player could handle such RTSP session (with multiple video media types inside) or is it usually done otherwise? Checking possible solutions here.

And while still at Media Server: would aggregate play, when using ServerMediaSession::addSubsession() for each video file, cause Media Server to synchronize mutliple videos start?

Matroska - got it. Thanks for suggestion with RTSP client. Still, can Media Server play a MKV file, which is still being written to by some other process?

Best Regards, Lukas

> Dnia 25 października 2018 o 10:25 Ross Finlayson <finlayson at live555.com> napisał(a):
> > Finally, you asked why the server currently does not implement the ‘end’ of a RTSP range, when streaming from a Matroska file.  The reason for this is that implementing this feature is complicated (because it depends on the particular file time that you’re streaming from)
> Oops, I meant to say:
> 	it depends on the particular file *type* that you’re streaming from
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