[Live-devel] UAF in Live555

Ba Jinsheng bajinsheng at u.nus.edu
Sun Aug 8 21:47:33 PDT 2021

Dear Ross Finlayson,

Thanks for your reply!

I find another similar UAF issue in the "mpg" file streaming:

[cid:image001.png at 01D78D1C.7BCA3890]

I attach the poc in attachment.

Best regards,

Jinsheng Ba

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Thanks for the report.  I have just installed a new version (2021.08.06) that fixes this bug.

If you have a LIVE555-based RTSP server that can serve “.mkv”, “.webm”, or “.ogg” files, then you should upgrade to this new version ASAP.

Ross Finlayson

Live Networks, Inc.



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