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Andrey Shvyrkin ashvyrkin at gosniias.ru
Wed Aug 11 04:15:10 PDT 2021

Thanks for answers.

I'm using/EventTrigger/  to exit the event loop at any point in time by changing the value of the watch variable. And then I use the previously presented code to close the session and free memory. In theory, I should free the memory used by the/MPEG2TransportStreamFromESSource/  variable before closing the session, but in this case, when/Medium::close/  is called to close the session, the application crashes in the/RTCPInstance/  destructor because/fSource /variable is invalid.


MediaSubsessionIterator iter(*session);
MediaSubsession* subsession;
while ((subsession = iter.next()) != NULL) {
     if (subsession->sink != NULL) {
         subsession->sink = NULL;
delete scheduler;

> “live555HLSProxy” is intended to be run as an application - i.e., in 
> its own process - so that when the application (process) ends, any 
> extra memory that it has allocated is automatically freed. Is there 
> any reason why you have to embed this code in some other 
> (longer-lasting) application? I.e., why not continue to run it as its 
> own process? >/If I use 'live555HLSProxy.cpp' source code, I can free 
> memory with code: /[…] But if you insist on embedding the 
> “live555HLSProxy.cpp” code in your own application, then the code that 
> you describe here will probably work. >/When is it correct to call 
> Medium::close(transportStream)? / Anytime after it the stream no 
> longer being read. I.e., you could do this in the “afterPlaying()” 
> function (which you have presumably already modified to comment out 
> the call to “exit(0);” :-) Ross Finlayson Live Networks, Inc. 
> http://www.live555.com/ <http://www.live555.com/>

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