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GenericMediaServer.hh File Reference
#include "Media.hh"
#include "ServerMediaSession.hh"
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Data Structures

class  GenericMediaServer
class  GenericMediaServer::ClientConnection
class  GenericMediaServer::ClientSession
class  GenericMediaServer::ServerMediaSessionIterator
class  UserAuthenticationDatabase


#define REQUEST_BUFFER_SIZE   20000
#define RESPONSE_BUFFER_SIZE   20000


typedef void lookupServerMediaSessionCompletionFunc(void *clientData, ServerMediaSession *sessionLookedUp)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define REQUEST_BUFFER_SIZE   20000

Definition at line 33 of file GenericMediaServer.hh.


#define RESPONSE_BUFFER_SIZE   20000

Definition at line 36 of file GenericMediaServer.hh.

Typedef Documentation

◆ lookupServerMediaSessionCompletionFunc

typedef void lookupServerMediaSessionCompletionFunc(void *clientData, ServerMediaSession *sessionLookedUp)

Definition at line 41 of file GenericMediaServer.hh.