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NetAddress.hh File Reference
#include "HashTable.hh"
#include "NetCommon.h"
#include "UsageEnvironment.hh"
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Data Structures

class  NetAddress
class  NetAddressList
class  NetAddressList::Iterator
class  Port
class  AddressPortLookupTable
class  AddressPortLookupTable::Iterator
class  AddressString


typedef u_int32_t ipv4AddressBits
typedef u_int8_t ipv6AddressBits[16]
typedef u_int16_t portNumBits


struct sockaddr_storage const & nullAddress (int addressFamily=AF_INET)
Boolean addressIsNull (sockaddr_storage const &address)
SOCKLEN_T addressSize (sockaddr_storage const &address)
void copyAddress (struct sockaddr_storage &to, NetAddress const *from)
Boolean operator== (struct sockaddr_storage const &left, struct sockaddr_storage const &right)
UsageEnvironmentoperator<< (UsageEnvironment &s, const Port &p)
Boolean IsMulticastAddress (struct sockaddr_storage const &address)
portNumBits portNum (struct sockaddr_storage const &address)
void setPortNum (struct sockaddr_storage &address, portNumBits portNum)

Typedef Documentation

◆ ipv4AddressBits

typedef u_int32_t ipv4AddressBits

Definition at line 38 of file NetAddress.hh.

◆ ipv6AddressBits

typedef u_int8_t ipv6AddressBits[16]

Definition at line 39 of file NetAddress.hh.

◆ portNumBits

typedef u_int16_t portNumBits

Definition at line 102 of file NetAddress.hh.

Function Documentation

◆ addressIsNull()

Boolean addressIsNull ( sockaddr_storage const &  address)

Referenced by MediaSubsession::isSSM().

◆ addressSize()

SOCKLEN_T addressSize ( sockaddr_storage const &  address)

◆ copyAddress()

void copyAddress ( struct sockaddr_storage &  to,
NetAddress const *  from 

◆ IsMulticastAddress()

Boolean IsMulticastAddress ( struct sockaddr_storage const &  address)

◆ nullAddress()

struct sockaddr_storage const & nullAddress ( int  addressFamily = AF_INET)

◆ operator<<()

UsageEnvironment & operator<< ( UsageEnvironment s,
const Port p 

◆ operator==()

Boolean operator== ( struct sockaddr_storage const &  left,
struct sockaddr_storage const &  right 

◆ portNum()

portNumBits portNum ( struct sockaddr_storage const &  address)

◆ setPortNum()

void setPortNum ( struct sockaddr_storage &  address,
portNumBits  portNum