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RTSPClient.hh File Reference
#include "MediaSession.hh"
#include "NetAddress.hh"
#include "DigestAuthentication.hh"
#include "TLSState.hh"
#include "RTSPServer.hh"
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Data Structures

class  RTSPClient
class  RTSPClient::RequestRecord
class  RTSPClient::RequestQueue
class  HandlerServerForREGISTERCommand


typedef void onRTSPClientCreationFunc(RTSPClient *newRTSPClient, Boolean requestStreamingOverTCP)

Typedef Documentation

◆ onRTSPClientCreationFunc

typedef void onRTSPClientCreationFunc(RTSPClient *newRTSPClient, Boolean requestStreamingOverTCP)

Definition at line 378 of file RTSPClient.hh.