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VorbisAudioRTPSink.hh File Reference
#include "AudioRTPSink.hh"
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Data Structures

class  VorbisAudioRTPSink


char * generateVorbisOrTheoraConfigStr (u_int8_t *identificationHeader, unsigned identificationHeaderSize, u_int8_t *commentHeader, unsigned commentHeaderSize, u_int8_t *setupHeader, unsigned setupHeaderSize, u_int32_t identField)

Function Documentation

◆ generateVorbisOrTheoraConfigStr()

char * generateVorbisOrTheoraConfigStr ( u_int8_t *  identificationHeader,
unsigned  identificationHeaderSize,
u_int8_t *  commentHeader,
unsigned  commentHeaderSize,
u_int8_t *  setupHeader,
unsigned  setupHeaderSize,
u_int32_t  identField