[Live-devel] problems with streaming

LATIFZAI, EMAL (JSC-ER2) (NASA) emal.latifzai-1 at nasa.gov
Mon Apr 5 10:32:00 PDT 2004

>>I have been able to use live program to stream mpeg-2 video elementary
>>streams in a loop back to my computer and view the video.  However I
>>got to test it out on another computer (streaming from one to another) and
>>it seems to have lots of problems.  I put the whole live program on the
>>server machine and the corresponding sdp file on the client machine.  When
>>the program is run, the player plays about 1 or 2 seconds but then
>>After about 2 minutes of waiting, it then begins to play again.

>Are you using the latest version (0.7.1) of VLC?  (Earlier versions had a 
>bug that could possibly have caused this problem.)

Yes, I am using the latest version. 

>>  I tried to slow and speed up the bandwidth in the
>>"testMPEG1or2VideoStreamer.cpp" file

>Note that the "totalSessionBandwidth" variable is used only as an 
>*estimate* of the bandwidth - for use by RTCP.  It doesn't affect the 
>actual bitrate at which RTP packets are streamed.  That is determined by 
>the file itself.  So, changing the "totalSessionBandwidth" variable will 
>have no effect.

I see.

>If you still have a problem even with the latest version (0.7.1) of VLC, 
>then please put your file online (on a web or FTP server) and post the URL,

>so I can take a look at it and figure out what might be causing your

http://www.traclabs.com/~bwolfe/VIDEO_TS.VOB  (a mpeg2 program stream file,
I tried to stream 
								this too
with testMPEG1or2AudioVideoStreamer.exe but 
the same result.)
For the mpeg2 video elementary stream file, I actually used the splittler
program to get the video elem part of the above program stream file.
To make sure that it was video elem. stream, I ran a program that tells me
exactly what kind of file it is so I'm sure it is a video elem. stream file.

Thanks for the help.


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