[Live-devel] Send and receive wav (streaming)

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Wed Apr 7 19:52:39 PDT 2004

At 11:52 PM 4/6/04, you wrote:
>Thanks for the help Ross. We really appreciate it but we just can't get it to
>work. The reason that we used the testMP3receiver and testMP3streamer as 
>is that we need a sender initiated process. The receiver should listen on a
>port and when data arrives it should receive the audio stream and play it to
>the user. We can't alter the signal flows because we are going to use the
>company X:s servers to setup the call (SIP) and also to transfer the audio
>stream. This company already has cellular clients and our PC client must be
>compatible with those clients. (It's a student project)

Do you know about the "playSIP" test program 
<http://www.live.com/playSIP/>?  If your server is accessed via a "sip:" 
URL, then you may be able to use (or adapt) "playSIP" as a client.

>We changed the arguments as you suggested but the file still somehow seams to
>get corrupted. Do you (or any one else) have some more suggestions?

Not really - sorry.  You already have examples of
         - working programs (sender and receiver) that stream using WAV 
(PCM) audio
         - working programs (sender and receiver) that work the way that 
you want (but using MP3 instead of PCM audio)
Plus, you have full source code for all of this.  So you should be able to 
figure out what's wrong with your modified application.

>  I could post the code for the sender and reviver

Sorry, but right now I'm too busy helping with customers' projects to be 
able to take a detailed look at this.  (Other readers on this mailing list 
might be able to help, though.)

	Ross Finlayson

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