[Live-devel] Send and receive wav (streaming)

anaino-9 at student.ltu.se anaino-9 at student.ltu.se
Wed Apr 14 15:23:03 PDT 2004

We still have trouble with receiving wav files... By posting the simple test 
files we hope that someone can help us...
We started by modifying testMP3Streamer/testWAVAudioStreamer and testMP3Receiver 
to use WAV compatible sources/sinks. The streaming is okay, but the result 
isn't. The files are available at 


including a before and after test WAV-file. Th resulting WAV-file cannot be 
played in XMMS or any other media player (not even VLC or MPlayer) whereas the 
mp3 works just fine. It seems like we are missing some headers or something like 
that because the received file is a couple of bytes smaller than original file.

In testWAVStreamer the function NetworkFromHostOrder16() is called, do we have 
to call the corresponding function on the receiver end? If so, where? 

Another problem is that once we've started receiving the stream we want to play 
it back in real-time. Any idea how to do this in redhat? Related to this we want 
to stream from the microphone on the sender side, how do we do this? We tried 
reading/writing from /dev/dsp but this doesn't seem to work very well. Any 

We are new at this streaming thing AND redhat if you haven't noticed already :)

Please give us some hints... we are really stuck!

/Andreas and Marcus

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