[Live-devel] Multicast Address Allocation API

Dixon Siu dixonsiu at mediaglue.co.jp
Tue Apr 27 12:57:16 PDT 2004

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your promptly reply on the issue about encrypted program stream.

By the way, what is the status of RTT negative value issue? I will look into
it after I finish my coding. Of course, I am not an expert in this issue. So
it will take me a long time to locate the root cause and fix the problem.

Just out of the blue. I came across RFC 2771 (multicast address allocation).
Do you think Live.com's RTP library will later implement multicast address
client that allow dynamic multicast address instead of the prespecified one?
It would be a good selling feature.


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> >I am wondering if it is possible not to de-mux the program
> stream and send
> >the encrypted program stream directly through RTP. At the receiver end, I
> >might use the RTP filter to catch the data and then decrypt the program
> >stream. In other words, can I just use RTP as a transmission medium (like
> >TCP)? And some other middleware will be used to decrypt the content
> >contained inside the RTP payload.
> Yes, you could do this using the following chain of objects:
> At the sender:
>          ByteStreamFileSource[*] -> EncryptionFilter -> SimpleRTPSink
> and at the receivier:
>          SimpleRTPSource -> DecryptionFilter -> some sink
> where "EncryptionFilter" and "DecryptionFilter" would be new
> filter classes
> that you would write.
> [*] Note that you must use the "preferredFrameSize" and
> "playTimePerFrame"
> parameters when you create your "ByteStreamFileSource", so that the
> streaming happens at the proper rate.
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