[Live-devel] What tools shall I use in this situation?

Ma Lin artreal at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 30 18:06:23 PDT 2004

Hi friends,
I am modifying Live.Com codes to support m-to-1 streaming (distributed
streaming, multiple streamers try to stream different data to the
receiver, and the receiver will group data locally).
Currently, I am partially done with MP3 ADU streamer and receiver. My
boss asked me to give a real-time playback demo to him: a Winamp-like
player is needed to play back the under-receiving MP3 file. 
I've browsed through the players in the list offered by Live.Com
website, but all of them are for 1-to-1 streaming whose input
pseudo-address is a single source.
Anyone can give any suggestion on such a player that it can read local
file from time to time (which grows as streaming progress), and play
back the Mp3?
Thank you all!
And especially thanks to Ross, your LiveMedia Library is so helpful to
me :-)))
Ma Lin 
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