[Live-devel] testWAVAudioStreamer problem

Stefan A. Goor stefan.goor at ucd.ie
Tue Feb 3 15:24:57 PST 2004

Hi There,
If you want build it for windows, I have a bit of info available on my
website about how I built it.  It's on http://delboy.ucd.ie in the
research>solutions and tutorials section.
Hope it helps,

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>When I want to build it, the results are:
>testWAVAudioStreamer.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
>"public: static class BasicUsageEnvironment * __cdecl
>BasicUsageEnvironment::createNew(class TaskScheduler &)"

As stated *very clearly* in
<http://www.live.com/liveMedia/#config-windows>, you must build each of the
"UsageEnvironment", "groupsock", "liveMedia", and "BasicUsageEnvironment"
projects first, before building "testProgs".  Also, you should build each
of these projects using its '*.mak' Makefile.

	Ross Finlayson

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