[Live-devel] consistent combinations for streaming

Cavalera Claudio Claudio.Cavalera at icn.siemens.it
Mon Feb 9 15:39:09 PST 2004

I was reading old mails from the list to get some tips for my work and I've found this one.
I think most of us have only read the first part, since nobody answered the questions; nevertheless I think they deserve an answer which I'm not able to give. If someone is, I would really appreciate the reading.

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>-When multicast mode is used without RTSP server, an IP is choosen by 
>chooseRandomIPv4SSMAddress(*env). Is it the address of the 
>multicast group ? 
>Is it this address that has to be used to access the stream 
>with a client 
>such as VLC (it requires IP and port in the multicast case) ?
>-When unicast mode is used without RTSP server, does that mean 
>the only one IP 
>address that can access the stream is that we set in 
>destinationAddressStr ? Connection is done directly to RTP 
>ports used which have to be known before (rtpPortVideo). In 
>this case, RTCP ports are they useless ?
>-What is SSM option in the test programs ==> to force multicast mode ?
>-CS with a RTSP server is almost ever used in multicast mode 
>but  I saw in the archive it is possible to use it in unicast 
>mode. I tried to use 
>vobStreamer with destinationAddressStr=<single IP address>
> and then connect to vobStreamer from this IP. When 
>connecting, the client ask 
>for unicast BUT vobStreamer refuses. Its response contains IP 
> and I 
>don't know why. It's not the IP I have set in destinationAddressStr! 
>What's wrong ?
>Sending request: SETUP rtsp://genius:9999/007/track1 RTSP/1.0
>CSeq: 2
>Transport: RTP/AVP;unicast;client_port=6666-6667
>User-Agent: VLC Media Player (LIVE.COM Streaming Media v2004.01.19)
>Received SETUP response: RTSP/1.0 200 OK
>CSeq: 2
>Transport: RTP/AVP;multicast;destination=;port=6666;ttl=255
>Session: 4
>-CS used without a RTSP server: can we use both multicast or 
>unicast in the 
>same way they are used with a RTSP server ?
>-VOD is almost ever used with unicast but
> is it POSSIBLE to use it in multicast mode whatever the sense 
>it could have? 
>I mean to connect to RTSP port and during the negociation, instead of 
>choosing unicast destination, choosing multicast one for RTP. 
>If yes, how ?
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