[Live-devel] AmiNET110

Juan Carlos Montes jcmontes_es at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 10 18:32:42 PST 2004

Hi all,
  I would like to buy a set top box to decode MPEG2
RTSP/RTP streamed by liveMedia. I have seen this one,


I have send an email to the representative sale in
Spain, asking about the equipment features. If it
support RTSP over multicast.

He told me that this feature, VoD (RTSP video session
control) with HTML and JavaScript Interfaces is in
unicast mode only and it supports Multicast (IGMP)
with HTML, and JavaScript Interfaces 

Here is my question, It supports Multicast (IGMP),
what does it means? That it can receive RTP packets in

I can´t understand that, please give me a brief


PD: Does anybody knows any other set top box that
supports liveMedia Streaming?

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