[Live-devel] playing mpeg-4 video-MP4-ES-1 file

Michael Hess dg4sge at web.de
Wed Feb 11 18:34:34 PST 2004

Hello there,

you can also use any video, and encode it with

ffmpeg -i inputvideo -sameq -an test.m4v

This would generate you an MPEG4ES (Elementary Stream) which you can use
with the Servers. Please be aware, an mp4-file (with audio) will NOT work!

Best regards,

Michael Hess

PS: Ross: Can you create a webpage which explains, who to create an
mpeg4ES file ? This would be useful for many people, since I had the same
problem in the beginning :)

> At 06:29 AM 2/11/04, you wrote:
>>Following your suggestions, I have been able to stream mpeg-4 video and
>>  have got the resultant
>>video-MP4-ES-1 file. I don't have any media player installed in LINUX
>> and  therefore I am using QuickTime and Real Player in Windows to play
>> this  file. I have renamed this file to temp.mp4 but the file is not
>> being  opened by these players.   The error message states that the
>> file is not a  valid mpeg-4 file.
>>Please let me know the solution to this problem.
> As Bryn Reeves notes, you probably won't be able to play this file
> directly  within most media players.  However, that wasn't your original
> question.  You original question was: How to get a MPEG-4 video file
> that  you can *stream*, using the "testMPEG4VideoStreamer" or
> "testOnDemandRTSPServer" test programs.
> If you rename your file "test.m4v", you will be able to stream it using
> either of these test programs - and then you will be able to play the
> resulting stream using "vlc" player, or "QuickTime Player" (by opening
> the  appropriate "rtsp://" URL).
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