[Live-devel] Requesting Book recommendations

John M. Zwiebel jzwiebel at cruzio.com
Thu Feb 12 07:59:37 PST 2004

Would anyone care to recommend a book that can give me
a good overview of the current state of streaming?  I keep
thinking that its going to converge on some standard (I once
thought that would be MPEG4) but that doesn't seem to be the

Please understand that my interest is as a router vendor wanting
to push multicast and that I'm fairly agnostic with respect to
how the video appears when being displayed.  (FWIW, I was at a
streaming-media west show where Microsoft was explaining why every
one needed to move to their 'new improved' protocol,  the streams
all appeared to be the same to me, so what's happening is nothing
more than corporations trying to stake out something proprietary
so they can control the market, makes me wonder if this stuff will
ever become reality. <sigh>)


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