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Dixon Siu dixonsiu at mediaglue.co.jp
Thu Jun 10 11:54:30 PDT 2004


Maybe I wasn't clear. Sorry. I did upgrade the library. It didn't give
negative number but when using QuickTime, now it gives 0 all the time. That
is why I wonder if QuickTime do it differently then others?

Thank you for your quick reply. I will check the OnExpire() again (actually,
I checked that procedure once but didn't notice anything).


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> >It is not relevant to this issue. But when I use QuickTime as
> the client, it
> >always return negative number for the RTT.
> This issue was resolved in release 2004.04.27; you should have upgraded
> since then!  In more recent releases, the delay reported by
> "RTPTransmissionStats::roundTripDelay()" will never be negative.
> >Another question is that I tried to manipulate the session bandwidth when
> >creating an RTCP instance. It seems that the interval of the SR
> or RR does
> >not change according to the session bandwidth.
> It should.  Note the use of the "rtcp_bw" parameter in the "OnExpire()"
> function in "rtcp_from_spec.c" (and how this parameter is set in
> "RTCPInstance::onExpire1()").
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